Mission Statement

SORP's mission is to make communities safer by reducing transience among FISO through providing transitional assistance with emphases on housing, transportation service, and referrals to service providers in the community. Our primary goal is to address homelessness amongst FISO - a factor known to decrease public safety. Our activities will increase FISO accountability and facilitate their safe and responsible reintegration into the community.

The current number of sex offenders in the state of California:


This number includes all registrants, including offenders who are not required to be posted on the Megan's Law website as well as offenders who are in custody.

The total number of sex offenders in the state of California registered as "homeless and/or transient":


Kamala D. Harris, former Attorney General (Dept. of Justice 8 ⁄ 5 ⁄ 15)

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